Gail Groll Mosaics

Gail was raised in the Washington, D.C. area and after working for the federal government for 24 years she retired and moved to Corvallis, OR to be near her daughter and her family. Living in this beautiful region helped her to visualize her dream to create art in some form and ultimately she has made that dream come true.

It all started about five years ago when she saw a hubcap in the middle of the road and stopped to pick it up so it wouldn’t cause an accident. After displaying it in her front yard for several weeks, hoping someone would recognize it and take it away, she realized it was hers to keep. She started wondering what she could do with this “find” as the composition was intriguing. So in the spirit of repurposing things she resurrected some stained glass scraps a friend had given her and tried her hand at glass mosaics. The dream was now a reality. At first she experimented with abstract designs but soon that morphed into creating pictures just to “see what she could do.”

People started finding hubcaps and bringing them to her. It was amazing how many were just lying around waiting to become something more interesting. Even a local tire company contributed to the collection. With each piece a new challenge arose to create more and more intricate designs. Her son suggested she try putting these glass pictures on wood as well as on the hubcaps. Habitat for Humanity offered a wealth of recycled cabinet door and drawer fronts and so she branched out to doing both indoor and outdoor pieces.

Her passion is making an inspiration into a work of art in glass, whether it’s her vision or yours. Gail works in her own studio in Corvallis, Oregon and can be reached at 541-602-2798. Come by or set up an appointment to see what’s decorating her walls and what you can create together.